Resources from Barbara Raffin

I chose the following because they included highly regarded authorities on wolves, provided visual descriptions of behavior, and presented information in succinct and interesting text. -Barb

David Mech is among the top authorities on wolves:

Purebred Registries:
(registers more breeds than AKC)

Mix Breed Registries: Aside from some mix breeds becoming popular enough to possibly become “breeds” of their own, these registries provide a place for the mix breed to compete in obedience, agility, and an assortment of sports for dogs.

CHOOSING A DOG (I consider education an important part of choosing a dog.)

TRAINING (In listing these site, I am in no way recommending their training methods, but they provide some good basic tips, including a link to the dog whisperer, Cesar Milan.)

One of my favorite things about writing Wolfsong was researching wolves, their behavior, and repopulation projects in the mid-west.

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