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August 10th, I’ll be signing books at Barnes & Noble in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Watch for more on time of the event.

Nathan Hopp and I will be talking about using animals in your/our writing. They aren’t just there to be cute.


Wednesday night, Written Dreams Publishing sponsored an author signing at The Attic bookstore in Green Bay. First picture is of the attending authors. I’m front row center with the cover of my just released paranormal romance, THE VISITOR.

Written Dreams Publishing was represented by a diverse group of authors. Back row L to R: Lexi Jordan with her debut novel, a dystopian futuristic, RESURFACED. Evan Michael Martin, author of a series of Wiccan & Sorcery books. Katerine Nohr, author of courtroom mysteries. Nathan Huff with his soon to be released historical fantasy. Front row L to R: Mary Grace Murphy, author of culinary mystery DEATH NOSH. Myself, Barbara Raffin, with the cover of my just released paranormal, THE VISITOR, and Gail F. Meintzer with his memoirs, DETOURS: A Memoir of a Railroad Man.

WRITTEN DREAMS PUBLISHING is making its mark as a publishing house unafraid of putting out unusual stories of exceptional quality. Of notable interest, Lexi Jordan, back row left, is a mere sixteen. Look for her distopian futuristic, RESURFACED, this fall.

Picture two: L to R: Brittiany Koren, owner/editor of WRITTEN DREAMS PUBLISHING & me, Barbara Raffin

Picture three includes the Publisher Koren and her WD staff of interior designer, copy editor, and cover artist.



Pre-order THE VISITOR from Written Dream Publishing

Nine months after he’s been cremated, Rebecca Tierney’s husband shows up in her living room…naked.


I’m so excited to share the cover of my upcoming release, THE VISITOR. Watch for release information later this summer from me and/or my publisher, Written Dreams Publishing.

Shape shifter or clone? Which has returned Rebecca Tierney’s husband’s body to her nine months after he was cremated?

Rebecca has returned to her husband’s family home on the largest, deepest, coldest, and most unforgiving of the Great Lakes, Superior, to dispose of his ashes. But the old house holds more than memories of a love ended too soon. A Visitor searches the old Victorian house perched on the bluffs of a lake that never gives up its dead for the key that will stop the dying in his world.

The secrets of the house cloistered from the world by towering pines and iron rich bluffs in an isolated finger of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can free Rebecca from her grief and teach a man of logic that love is worth more than eternal life…if only she will open her mind and he his heart.


I’m guest blogging at Kate Hill’s annual Halloween blog at http://www.kate-hill.com/halloween2014/barbararaffin.html My day is October 10th. I will be featuring my witchy novella THE SCARECROW & MS. MOON.  There will be new authors every day and mucho giveaways!



In my case, there will be: TWO LUCKY WINNERS!
WIN A DOWNLOAD of either my paranormal novella JADED or the first book in my St. John Sibling Series, TAMING TESS.
Go to: http://www.kate-hill.com/halloween2014.html
Tis the month of all things Halloween, my novella THE SCARECROW & MS. MOON among them. Learn more about this WITCHY love story when I blog on October 10th.
But visit Kate Hill’s site via the above URL all month starting October 2nd for Halloween fun and giveaways!


99 cent Book Sale: Thanksgiving Day through Monday, December 2nd. THE MATING GAME, TAMING TESS: Book 1 the St. John Sibling Series, TIME OUT OF MIND, THE VISITOR, and THE SCARECROW & MS. MOON..

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Great opportunity to load up that new Kindle or Nook you’re gifting to someone this holiday.


The Scarecrow & Ms. Moon released


The Scarecrow and Ms. Moon:  a novella by Barbara Raffin

Jackson Wolfe made a witch mad and now he’s a scarecrow in her garden.

Hero Jackson Wolfe, in hiding his secret, lies to his lover little knowing she’s a witch. Jessie Moon sees lying the same as being disloyal and, in a fit of anger, turns the man she loves into a scarecrow. Never mind she’s never revealed she’s a witch, a lie by omission. He hangs in her garden for four months while she exhausts every spell to restore him, faces the retribution of the Witch’s Council by going to them for help and is put on probation by her coven.

On All Hallows Eve, the coven assembles at Jessie’s house to restore Jackson to his living, human form at the stroke of midnight. Jessie soon learns her future in the coven isn’t the only thing at risk. She has the twenty-four hours of Halloween to prove she can control her impulsive anger and love Jackson enough to let him go or he will be turned back into a scarecrow forever.

And that’s only half the story